We’d like you to meet…

We’d like you to meet…

Lucie Megan

We are thrilled to introduce Lucie Megan, born safely (and quickly!) Saturday 30th July 2011, weighing 7lb 14oz.  The last two weeks since her birth have gone quickly; it’s been quite a change getting used to being a family of four!

 Micah loves his new sister, and has taken being an older brother in his stride: getting her toys, giving her enthusiastic hugs and kisses, but mostly just getting on with the busy life of a nearly two year old!

What’s Next?

In early October we will be moving to the south of France to work on our French for about six months.  We will have a small apartment within a large, old house, will have daily lessons and get involved in the local life of the small town we’ll be in. It will be total immersion to make the most of our French learning time.

We plan on having a short time back in the UK to repack our bags in the Spring, before making the big move to Burundi.