One of the first questions you have to answer when starting a blog is who it’s for.  I first of all set ‘private’ – erring on being conservative is my default I suppose.  As an introvert, I often have to make a conscious choice to let others in.

So I want to simply say: you’re welcome.  Read much, read little, whoever you may be. I want to make choices, in the big and the small, whenever I can, to let others into my life, to see who I am.  Let this be a step in that direction.

Choosing to be vulnerable is rarely easy.  But as I have, I’ve discovered that the majority of people will not mock, make fun cruelly, but are actually for me.  I’m certainly preaching to myself here; may I have the courage to be as open in my relationships as I am on here. May openness in one context inspire openness in all.

For the more we open ourselves to others the more our world expands.